Hey guys we are starting to work on our next game.

We can´t give you a lot of info about it. Even thhe name is not final.

Here are some early screenshots

Embark on a musical journey of self-discovery in DISTORTIONS, an award-winning adventure game launching now on Steam 


The day is finally here! We are pleased to announce that DISTORTIONS – the acclaimed adventure game by Brazilian developer Among Giants .

Enter a realm where music, magic, and memories take on a whole new meaning. Watch the brand-new trailer below, and you’ll quickly see what Distortions has in store for Steam users.

Launch trailer:


After waking up in a strange, puzzling place...

Check out our press : )


São Paulo, June 19, 2016 - An “indie premium” game that is  a musical full of drama and thrill. This is “Distortions”, the soon-to-be released game from Among Giants, an independent studio formed by a team of young game developers. “Distortions” is a 3D game in third person, set in a surreal atmosphere, that promises to catch the player’s attention. Together with the main character, you will be challenged on a search for answers in an adventure through an unknown place.


In the story, a girl wakes up in a bed, in a strange room that she doesn’t recognize. Not knowing where she is or what’s happening, she realizes that even time seems to have stopped - all objects in the room are frozen i...

We just finished the Distortions trailer. And looks super neat.

The trailer started the production on first of january, that was a huge effort to make the best trailer possible. Since will be the first time we will show our game to the public the trailer need to be the best possible, or else no one will want to hear about us again hehe.

The trailer will be launched on april.
Now we are searching actors and actresses and them we will start the voice over process.
We have a really strict deadline for this year.
In april we wanted to lunch the trailer, and start our green light campaign.
In july we are going to start the beta testing.
And hopefully release Distortions on beginning of 2017.

Here are some pictures that we will show on the trailer.


We are getting ready to release Distortions!!!





Hey guys! It’s been a while.
First of all, we are going to start writing in English from now on. Primarily because we are not trying to make a regional product, but something more global. And second, to celebrate that our programmer, Chris Smith (that started the game with us), is back!
Yeah I know that it’s been a long time. We want to start posting again. I was feeling very uncertain about the future of the project, and that’s why I was not posting…
– Giordano joined as a programmer for us, but he moved to work in another country and wouldn’t have time to dedicate to our game.
– Marcelo joined the team in December, but we had different ideologies and he left the team in April. So we were stuck with no programmers.
– The rest of the team (Ricar...

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is a story-driven musical journey through an unknown, imaginary world. Enter a surreal adventure guided by journal riddles – and piece together fragments of past memories to uncover your identity. Using a violin, play unique songs to alter environments and befriend strange creatures along the way.




A road trip game - to be announced.



Gremlin Invasion: Survivor is a co-op overhead action shooter. With 8 different levels to choose from and up to 8 players, you'll play together in a survival-style mission to blast away hordes of gremlins that have come to take you out.